Real Woman Photo Shop

“Real Woman Photo Shop” is the name of a little photographic studio in Shen-zhen, China. The studio is located in a shabby outskirt just in front of the world’s largest factory of electronic components: Foxconn. The 1.500.000 workers of Foxconn produce many of the electronic goods that we use every day: iphones come from here, as well as Kindles, Playstations, Wiis, and many parts of Nokia, Motorola and Sony appliances.
Everyday, some workers of the nearby huge factory step in the studio to be portrayed. It is quite common to have some pictures taken, to send home for the parents who live in far away villages, to show to friends or just to keep in the wallet as a memory.
The owner of the studio is miss Zhou Wei, kindly agreed to let me shoot photographs to all the workers who asked for a portrait. For two weeks, I became the photographer of the “Real Woman Photo Shop” studio. The clients were happy to find an exotic photographer, and I was fascinated to get in touch with the people who produce all the goods that we need in our everyday life.
” Real Woman Photo Shop” is a series of photographs mixing my work with a se-lection of miss Zhou Wei’s work.