“Fondo is a photographic campaign for the establishment of an archive collecting portraits of residents of Casacalenda, a small town in Molise ( Italy). This visual census is made possible through a collaboration with the Casacalenda municipal administration that will receive it as donation.
Fondo produces, files, collects and stores documents thus creating an open, available memory space. This is a photographic census divided into folders and files corresponding to each one of the 2,135 inhabitants of Casacalenda.
Fondo will be kept alive over time by a collaboration with a local photographer’s cabinet, that continues to update it and to enrich it with new images.
This research focuses on the process of creating an archive covering the present day, on its making and on the relationship it establishes with its context.
The exhibition taking place in the halls of the Fotografia Europea festival follows the alphabetical order of filed records, recreating a mapping of the population coherent to archive logic and vocabulary.”

Fotografia Europea, 2017