The light artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic invited me to join the “ You say light, I think Shadow”project.

“What is light? In an attempt to answer this deceptively simple question Sandra Praun and Aleksandra Stratimirovic invited prominent and inspiring professionals from the fields of art, architecture, design, literature, film, theater, and photography to share their thoughts on the phenomenon. 109 surprising and beautiful texts, poetic and personal visions, memories and descriptions became Praun and Stratimirovic’s raw material in their extensive work towards creating a complex narrative. Each text, interpreted in its own individual graphic form, stands by itself, but the carefully chosen order opens up another dimension where the texts start to engage in a dialogue with each other. Together they ebb and flow between light and darkness. Without a single image the book is still an utterly visual experience; the words on the page come alive through the choice of graphic elements, typography, paper, and a multitude of different print and bookbinding techniques.”

                                                                                                                    Sandra Praun – Aleksandra Stratimirovic



“I think about light in terms of relation. Light does not exist if not related to something, and if not creating relations between different elements.Color exist only because of light, every night fading away untill the morning when relations among them start again. Objects follow the same destiny, disappearing daily in silence – only light allows them to show each other their own shapes, volumes. We, inhabitants of this planet, measure our feelings thanks to light: we find a space in the world and organize our self-consciousness starting from it. We determine our identies on that fluid, fragile, ever-changing basis.Light has the constant ability to create dialogue, to stimulate conversation, reminding us that we exist only in relational terms.”


                                                                                                                                                    Tommaso Bonaventura